The Roseland Range

An exclusive rosette which uses an outer tier of 3.8 cm ribbon and inner tiers of 2.5 cm wide ribbon. The outer tier has gold edged ribbon and is based around a large 6.8 cm round centre with an eight point gold star.

  • Two tier rosette has 3 x 3.8 cm wide x 31 cm long tails.
  • Three tier rosette has 3 x 3.8 cm wide x 33 cm long tails.
  • Four tier rosette has 3 x 3.8 wide x 36 cm long tails.

Optional Extras -

  • Gold Spotted Ribbon
  • Tartan Ribbon
  • Gold, Silver or Bronze Metallic Ribbons (inner tier only)
  • Printed Tails

Oval centres can be used upon request for smaller quantities.