The Dozmary Range

A deluxe box pleated rosette made in 2.5 cm ribbon, based around a 5 cm round centre.

  • Single tier rosette has 2 x 2.5 cm wide x 18 cm long tails.
  • Two tier rosette has 2 x 3.8 cm wide x 20 cm long tails.
  • Three tier rosette has 3 x 3.8 cm x 26 cm long tails.
  • Four tier rosette has 4 x 3.8 cm x 31 cm long tails.

Large 68cm round or oval centres also available at a small extra charge.

Optional Extras -

  • Gold Spotted Ribbon
  • Gold Edged Ribbons
  • Tartan Ribbon
  • Gold, Silver or Bronze Metallic Ribbon
  • Printed Tails
  • Ribbon Stars or Loops around the centre or as an extra tier