We offer a variety of Sashes, Badges & Show Sundries


We produce a range of Sashes suitable for horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, dogs, poultry and people, etc.

Traditional Sashes - A three colour sash 13.5 cm wide, gold or silver printed on any combination of colours and finished with a Tassel. Ends either closed by stitching or left open with either Velcro or Tape fastenings. Lined with a white absorbant backing. Colours: Red / Wine / Royal/ Light Blue / Navy / Aqua / Rose Pink / Magenta Pink / Purple / Cream / White / Black / Silver Grey / Yellow / Gold / Orange / Green / Bottle Green / Brown

Single Colour Sashes - 100mm wide single colour sash. Ends either closed by stitching or left open with either Velcro or Tapes fastenings. Finished with either a Tassel or Two Tier Rosette. Colours: Red / Royal / Black / Green / Purple / White (others may be available upon request)

We can add a Pom Pom rosette instead of the traditional tassel. Extra ribbons can be added like the photo below. If you fancy something different please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help.

  Sash Extras ......


  Three Tier Pom Pom Rosette                                                                Extra Metallic Bands and Pleated Edging

Lapel Badges

We offer a variety of different shapes and sizes of Badges finished with Pin or Cord fastenings.

Show Sundries

We provide a range of different Show Sundries.

  • Competitor/Cattle/Dog/Pen & Exhibit Numbers
  • Entry Sheets
  • Jump Judging Sheets
  • Judges Books
  • Prize Cards